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Lucie Sparkle


Character Profile
Special Moves
Counter Attacks
Additional Notes


Custom Videos

Character Profile

Lucie Is a ninja nympho catgirl from a distant uncharted realm, it is said that She originates from the felg dimension where her training in the deadly arts of seductive combat has allowed her to shift out of phase from Her own realm into ours at will.

Not a great deal is known about this mysterious creature, She's highly evasive and despite the self centred nature expected from a feline, rarely reveals many details about Her personal habits.

One thing we do know for sure is that once people have met Her, theyre never quite the same person ever again. Like any self respecting catgirl, Her affections can be easily bought and in most cases will only bite when She's fully aroused.

It should come as no surprise that She see's Humans as being just another breed of Monkey and she has let it known before that she thinks Monkeys including Humans were evolved from mice and therefore we are fair game to be played with for her own amusement.

Special Moves

Super PigTail Attack

A combo move of Ultra Bright red hair and Pretty Green eyes Capable of stunning Her opponent with cute overload.

Melting Heart

A mind attack that works on overloading your emotional balance by displaying an overwhelming level of confidence and hints of quirky attitude which soon yield to a naturally adorable submissive nature when faced with a direct combat situation.

Emerging Shadow from the Silence

Removing that cute bra to daze you with the beauty of naturally grown AA teeny lumps is the first stage of this deadly manoeuvre, moving in closer and fixing those needy eyes onto your gaze while you stand mesmerised can awake the hungry creature buried within Her should your hand involuntarily make the slightest contact with the newly exposed soft fleshy meat.

Counter Attacks

Unyielding Pigtail Reversal

Catching Sparkle in the middle of a Super PigTail Attack, you can take advantage by grabbing a pigtail before Her move takes it's full effect. She might struggle, She might whimper, She might beg... be strong, She will settle down and submit. Remember, just dont let go!

Subduing Palm Across The Knee

Sparkle can be lulled into cooperation if you haven't previously provoked Her, Take the opportunity with a strong hand and authoratively unstruct her over your knee. Let the Subduing Palm do the hard work and break Her the easy way!


Size and Strength

A brute force approach is recommended, at 5ft 6in Sparkle is small enough to keep at arm's length and at just over 8st light enough to pick up and control with a firm grip. A slim size 6/8 can easily wriggle out of your clutches so make sure you keep a tight hold of Her or quickly fasten on a lead to prevent any unwanted escape to freedom.


This little minx is easily confused and forgetful so use that inquisitive, naive and scatterbrained nature to your advantage

additional notes

Sparkle gets lost easily, it's advised to fix a bell on Her collar so you can easily find Her as well as hear Her sneaking up on you.

Custom Videos

Are you looking for a video that's just a little bit special?

Looking at the things she posts, that little minx Lucie has been making custom videos of all shapes and sizes just lately, videos made especially for people just like you, with the content you want to see and however long you'd like it to be!

Check out this video she made for a guy who posted it to his own xhamster channel for the world to see!!

If you enjoyed that, make sure you click on the xhamster link below to check out Lucie's very own free xhamster channel where she regularly posts previews of her premium videos, out takes, behind the scene's footage and other fun content!

Amateur Porn in the links below has a BTO (built to order) system where you can contact Lucie with your idea for your perfect video

If you'd like to contact Lucie directly, email her at where you can send her you ideas, payment can be made through PayPal or direct bank transfer for your video and the finished product sent to you using the service where you'll receive an email containing a download link and not have to register you details!

Custom videos can be as low as GBP £20 for a basic scene 5-10 minutes long